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The Cyber Spectre #2 - June 2018
#2 Kickstarter Campaign beats #1!

We are very pleased to announce that THE CYBER SPECTRE second kickstarter campaign beat issue #1's campaign... thank you so much for your support! We are working hard now on the second issue, and we plan to get it to you in June.

It's been an exciting ride for us all -- and now the hard work starts. We have a few more covers to gather, but if you are a kickstarter backer you can add more covers to your packages by purchasing them from this very wesbite. 

We will be sending you a code, so you won't be charged extra postage.

Thanks again -- see you in a month or so... with regualr updates coming from us regarding the next campaigns (yes there will be more), and the next series -- coming in October 2018.

Stabbity Bunny Invades The Cyber Spectre #2 with a Hidden Variant!!

Scout Comics has announced that Cyber Spectre #2 will carry a secret chase variant, shipping to retailers in a 1:10 ratio, featuring Richard Rivera's Stabbity Bunny on the cover.

The Cyber Spectre and Stabbity Bunny have become two of Scout Comics biggest selling titles to date and the creators, Richard Emms and Richard Rivera are celebrating the success with 'some fun for its fanbase and retailers' who have supported Scout Comics since its inception in 2015.

Stabbity Bunny #4 is out this Wednesday 25th April and already Scout has announced that a second printing has been planned, due to a sell-out at the distribution level. Cyber Spectre #1 is on sale the week later on the 2nd May, priced $3.99 and shipping with four covers by series artist Ale Garza, Joe Benitez, Jay Anacleto and Jamie Tyndall.

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