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We would like to thank all of the retailers and comic shop patrons for making The Cyber Spectre #1 a top 300 selling comic!

A total of 7500 copies have been printed to meet the demand of re-order activity.

Issue #1 will be released Apr 25. Thank you!!! Everyone!!!!

Clayton Barton's cover for Kickstarter 2!! Get on it now!


We can officially announce that the Kickstarter campaign for The Cyber Spectre #2 is underway! Lots of cool variants and stretch goals coming up!!  

We'll be posting regular updates on Facebook and the campaign itself... giving you the low down of what's happening and when!

Now Available!

We have limited the print run to only 100 sets worldwide and offering only 20 sets through the Cyber Spectre website and available on a first come first served basis.

Each Cover is printed on super delux gold foil card covers and come bagged and boarded.

And... We are off to print! Cyber Spectre #1 Kickstarter Edition

Now at the Printers! 

We can officially announce that Cyber Spectre #1 is now at the printers, and if you are ordering copies from your local comic store the first officially distributed direct market edition is now available to order in this month's Previews Magazine, shipping end of April 2018.  

Print update: Although it has been a while since we updated you on the printing of the Kickstarter editions, we can now confirm that we have received the proofs and expect to take delivery around the 10th March, and will be sending them out to you as soon as we can!

Ale Garza @ Planet Comic-Con, Kansas City, Feb 16-18
Cyber Spectre #1 Exclusive "Cyber Monroe" Available! 

Cyber Spectre artist, Ale Garza, will be at this year's Planet Comic-con in February exhibiting at the Brain Trust's booth with other Scout Comics creators; James Pruett and Richard Rivera. 

Check out this awesome exclusive for the show by Ale and colorist, Oracle! If you cannot make it to the show we will have a handful of copies available to buy... watch this space! 

What is The Cyber Spectre #1/2 Edition?

Another Kickstarter campaign goal, the Issue #1/2 (originally the Portfolio edition of every cover from Issue #1 and Issue #0) now contains a extra 5 page story by Ryan Kincaid, featuring a young Kiri, colored by Oracle.  


Written by Rich, this 1/2 edition will not be offered via regular distribution channels and you will find it on the Cyber Spectre and Scout Comics "store" page after the 10th January to pre-order. 

FC : 24PP : 5 page story and Art Portfolio. Limit Run of 1st Prints only.

The Cyber Spectre #1 On Its Way!

Work has now started on The Cyber Spectre #1 - and now has a title for the first story arc. The Haunting Ground will be a two part story with art by Ale Garza and Colors by Oracle. In shops in April 2018, the first issue will run 22 pages in story and a 32 page comic book.  The creative team expect to be finished in late December/Early January with Kickstarter backers receiving copies of the first issue in late Jan/early Feb 2018... several months before its official outing with Scout Comics. 

Cyber Spectre #1 Page 1

The Cyber Spectre is a comic book series coming in May 2018 thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in Oct/Nov 2017. The series has been created by Rich Emms, with art by Ale Garza and colorist, Oracle.


Thanks to our backers on Kickstarter it has allowed us to produce some amazing variant covers by some of the biggest names in comics. Check out the "Shop" page for all of the covers that will be offered in 2018. If you are a Kickstarter backer you can still pre-order these exclusive covers by using the login code we have sent to you via the Kickstarter campaign. 

If you missed the KS campaign and would like to obtain these covers, please contact us and we will send you the login details.  

After a very successful Kickstarter Campaign - running through October and ending on November 5th, we managed to raise £7500 ($10,000) which will go towards the art, colors and printing of issue #1. 


Kickstarter backers will see the first issue several months before its outing with Scout Comics, distributed to comic store via DCD in May 2018.


Kickstarter backers can still add-on the stretch goals... just click on the button at the top! Please note: print runs are very limited.


Above: The Kickstarter campaign video.

Scout Comics Announces Four New Titles.

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